Stop violence against healthcare in Gaza


On World Humanitarian Day, MdM calls Israel to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST HEALTHCARE IN GAZA. Attacks on healthcare workers, structures and ambulances should never occur: neither in times of peace nor in times of war. They represent serious violations of IHL and IHRL.

Between 30 March and 16 June 2018 health­care workers, volunteers, ambulances and structures in Gaza have been victims of intense attacks only seen during war time.

2 healthcare staff were killed, 362 others injured, of which at least 27 with live ammunition, 12 with shrapnel, 41 were directly hit with gas canisters, and 58 ambulances damaged. And these staggering figures are clearly underreported.

These attacks have occurred in a context where the health system has been challen­ged to its limits in terms of casualty manage­ment while also dealing with a deep structu­ral crisis characterised by the lack of drugs, disposables, salaries and equipment.

Despite the latest efforts, the international community has not been able to ensure pro­per accountability and protection of health­care.

Considering the International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law obligations to which the state of Israel is bound, MDM urgently calls Israel to:

  • Ensure that the Israeli Security Forces (ISF) comply with international human rights standards for law enforcement;
  • Hold all perpetrators accountable for the unlawful use of force;
  • Guarantee that all healthcare services and personnel are protected;
  • Incorporate IHL provisions in the national legal frameworks, including sanctions;
  • Abide to UN Security Council resolutions calling for the protection and accountability of all attacks against health­care.